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Legal terms

On this web site, we offer a straightforward and concise synthesis of how the courts currently understand and apply the First Amendment in public education. Keep in mind, however, this web site is not meant to provide legal advice. It offers general information on First Amendment issues with the understanding that the authors are not providing legal advice or other professional services.

The answers given here include general information on the subject of First Amendment expression and practice in schools. For answers to specific legal questions or concerns about a legal incident or issue in your school, consult your school board lawyer or another qualified, licensed attorney in your community.

This web site is designed to answer only the most frequently asked questions on how the courts interpret the First Amendment in schools - not all possible questions and answers about a large and complicated area of the law. School districts drafting policies in the areas discussed on this web site will want to consult their state statutes and education codes for a fuller understanding of what the law does or does not permit under a properly crafted policy.

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