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Quest High School

Location: Humble, TX
Enrollment: 215
Grades: 9-12
Type of School: Public

A small public high school just outside of Houston, Quest High School is founded upon the principles of shared leadership and decision making. “These principles,” explained principal Kim Klepcyk, “include not only staff members but students, parents, and community members as well. And throughout the ten-year history of the school, student voice has been critical in making decisions regarding school policy, curriculum and instruction, and operational practices.

“Yet while our democratic practices are part of the culture of the school,” Klepcyk continued, “there is no formalized instruction for students regarding the rationale behind the principle.” That’s why, as a First Amendment School, Quest has “trained staff and students in developing a curriculum that will enhance the culture and practices of the school.” Klepcyk also plans to provide leadership training for his students, “in order to develop additional student voice and promote deeper democratic structures within our school.

“As a small school with a small staff,” Klepcyk concluded, “we have a small budget. But as a First Amendment School, we have already had the opportunity to invest in important programs, cultivate the leadership capacity of our young people, and interact with other school communities that believe in the importance of translating First Amendment principles into action.”

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