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Fifth Annual FAS Leadership Conference

The 5th Annual First Amendment Schools Leadership Conference was attended by 68 participants in early July. Students, parents, teachers, administrators, and community members engaged in conversation, reflected on the state of the First Amendment in their communities, explored First Amendment law in school settings, and developed skills to facilitate school change.

Comments from participants included:

  • "As always, this is the most useful, meaningful, motivating, and difficult conference I go to."
  • "The highest compliment I have is that one week after the last day of school, I wish I had a class to teach tomorrow, not just in September.
  • "I enjoyed thinking about rubrics for "affective" behavior. We need to think more deeply about what it is we expect/want to see in ourselves and our students."
  • "I will willingly share the power usually associated with principalship. I will value and support our FAS work with time and resources.

For more information about the conference and other FAS training opportunities, contact Molly McCloskey (703.575.5475,

View the full conference agenda and the presentations used in the conference.

  1. FAS 101
  2. State of the First Amendment
  3. How Free Should Students Be
  4. Paideia Seminar
  5. How Will We Work Together

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